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In Memory of Our Beloved...



 "I was named after a car and my full name is 'Stewart Lee Studebaker,' but most folks just call me Stewart, or 'Stewie' for short."

“Stewie’s” short list of choices to ensure happiness: ´ Choose to be happy! ´ Choose to have fun! ´ Choose to help those who need it! ´ Choose to dream and chase rainbows! ´ Choose to be the best that you can be! Stewart reminds all of us, that by giving your dog several milk bones a day, we will help the plants in the Solar System maintain their perfect balance!

A quote from Stewie:

"I feel very badly that humans must live so much longer than us just to cram the same amount of fun and excitement into their lives that we dogs can achieve in such a short time."


Bob B.



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