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Shadie was born on a poodle ranch in Cave Creek, Arizona which was an open acreage with large black and white standard poodles roaming the desert among the cactus.  Her birth name was oprah, which just didn’t fit the little ball of black fur that evolved into the 90’s “all about me” girl.  She loved being the center of attention, in fact she demanded it.
Shadie was mostly employed as a part time security agent at her residence.  From 1999-2001 she was a part time security consultant at the Prescott MGP Project.  In 2003 she relocated to Yuma where she obtained the position of chief canine security consultant at the Yuma MGP site.  Shadie loved to travel to Prescott and Yuma and visit the sites.  She especially loved being the only dog on site and all the attention the crews gave her.  In 2003, she returned to Tempe and retired to a life of walks to the unofficial dog park at the end of the street where she made friends with all the neighboring dogs.
In addition to her keen sense of smell (she could smell her chew treats in the package in the trunk of the car) and her hearing (in her younger days she could hear a piece of cellophane opening in the next room) she was a giver of unconditional love and wet kisses.  Her one weakness was a rather loud bark, but just to get your attention.
Shadie loved to go for her walks and especially lived her trips to Forest Houses in Sedona.  She loved walking the trail along the creek and playing in the paddock.  Now she can join Mooner and take the trail to the end.
Shadie was preceded in death by her sister Mooner, and is survived by her human mom, Judy who loved her so very much.


Judy H.


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