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In Memory of Our Beloved...



Samantha was my beautiful 4 year old Lhasa Apso.  She passed away from a Liver Shunt. 
Samantha came to me at a very difficult and painful time in my life.  She was my angel and through good times and bad she never left my side.  She brought a world of joy, happiness and love to me every day of her life.
Samantha was a happy, happy girl, a “Princess” with a true “Diva” attitude. 
A couple of years ago I had to have eye surgery and for over a year had to lay face down with my head hanging down off the bed for 15 minutes every morning.  And my sweet Angel did the same every single morning.  She was the most gentle, loving companion a person could have.

I love her and miss her more than words can say.


Renee M.





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