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Sadie, we got her at 8 weeks old.  “Boo-boo Sadie Bear” she earned that nickname the first night at home with us.  She looked just like Boo-boo of the Yogi Bear show I watched as a youngster.  Sadie was so smart from the very get go.  Until she was potty trained she was only allowed on the kitchen linoleum, and she knew that, there were literally, no gates keeping her in. From that day on there was no stopping the amount of things she could learn in just two or three tries.  Understanding words, numerous tricks, and the name of every toy in her toy box, and believe me, she had toys.  She was constantly with us.  Whether it was riding in the truck any where we went, to four wheeling, jet boating (that was her favorite), and, even for rides in the airplane.  She even tried snow mobiling, that didn’t quite cut it.   Oh, and heaven forbid you got the camera out.  We were once told she had a majestic look about her, oh, and yes, she knew it!  She was only with us a short 10 ½ years, every minute was cherished. 
We love you Sadie girl, you’ll always be in our hearts.

Kathi and Chuck B.




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