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We want to thank our Veterinarian, Dr. Haigh of Haigh Veterinary Hospital, Inc. for introducing us to the WSU College of Veterinary Medicine site for memorialization of pets.  Our beloved little dog, Pepper, is now gone, and we are missing him a great deal.  He came to us from a family who also loved him dearly, but he did not do well with their older dog.  So, we adopted him when he was just over a year old, and he lived a very happy life with us for ten years.  It is difficult for us to know, but we think that there just never was a better pet than Pepper.  Schnauzers are intelligent dogs to start, and he never stopped his antics that kept us in laughter most of his days.  He loved to travel in the car, and of course, poke his head out the window into the wind.  He was such a loving animal, and each evening he would sit in both our laps for a little session of close up adoration.  The doorbell would set him into the only real barking that he did.  And every mid-afternoon, he let us know that he wanted his walk outdoors.  After moving to our present location with a large backyard, he loved a morning stroll around the yard checking everything out.  We buried our little guy (20 lbs, no more and no less) in that backyard where we will have pleasant memories of him the rest of our lives.  

Bob & Sandy G

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