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Oscar P. joined our family on December 26, 2002. We brought him home from the Oregon Humane Society and he promptly made himself right at home in our house and our hearts.

Oscar's favorite things included milk jug rings, pony tail holders (he loved to play fetch with them), his family, sleeping, eating, and being mischievous. After we moved into our new house, Oscar would immediately find any crevice in which he could hide; but unfortunately, he would get caught because his brother Gonzo was always standing outside the scene of the crime, which would give up Oscar's hiding place.

We realized Oscar was sick on December 23, 2007. He was taken to the vet with the assumption that he had a simple cold, but instead we discovered he had a rare condition called idiopathic chylothorax. He was a fighter and battled it for almost a month—many of those days returning to almost normal activity—until he died in my arms on Sunday, January 20 at the young age of 5.
We sincerely appreciate the caring shown to him by his regular veterinarians at Feline Medical Clinic, as well as those who cared for him during his last month; Dr. Graupmann at St. Francis Animal Hospital, Dr. Mack, and Dr. Sicard (both of NW Veterinary Specialists).
Oscar will be fondly remembered forever.


Vanessa S.



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