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Molly came to me through Perfect Pet Rescue in Los Angeles. She had been a ward of the State of California, waiting to be rescued from a local animal shelter. I adopted her (or should I say we adopted each other?) in August 2000.  

A Corgi mix, Molly exhibited typical herding dog traits, including a keen interest in “organizing” things (and people). A retriever she was not – Molly never grasped the concept of fetching. Mainly, she devoted herself to loving and being loved by her adopted family. She had soulful eyes and a gentle spirit. She was my Faithful Friend and Companion.  

After returning to my native Pacific Northwest several years ago, I was introduced to the wonderful veterinarians and staff at Yakima Veterinary Clinic, where Molly became a regular patient. In the spring of 2008 she became ill. So many kind people rallied around us during that most difficult time. Molly received excellent and compassionate care from the Clinic staff. Likewise, during her final week we made a trip to Pullman to consult with the teaching veterinarians and students at the WSU College of Veterinary Medicine. The news there was heartbreaking, but it was comforting to know we had sought out and received all the finest resources and expertise available.  

I said goodbye to my beloved Molly on March 27, 2008. I miss her greatly. Beyond the pain of loss, however, are so many joyful memories, which I’ll treasure always. Special thanks to my friends Nancy and Duane Rossman and to Drs. Hinz, Cok and Young at the Clinic, all of whom made donations in Molly’s memory to the Pet Memorial Program at WSU.  

To honor departed animals everywhere, please spay and neuter your pets. And consider adopting a rescue or shelter pet of your own.  

God bless, Molly.

Paul D.

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