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Misty was a Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue dog.  As you can see, she was a very cute Beagle who loved to play with her squeaky toys.  When we got her, we were the third and final try for a kennel who had adopted her out twice before. The first time, she was adopted into a family with a young disabled girl who loved her from the start. However, the girl developed severe allergies and sadly had to return Misty to the kennel.  The next family adopted her into a family with another dog and cats, and they did not get along, so back she went to the kennel.  By the time we saw Misty, she was about 2 1/2 years old and had lived most of her life outdoors.  She was somewhat aloof towards us at first, but I knew she was the one for us!  She had been in dog shows, but was not "dog show material" as she did not earn enough points to go further up the scale....good for us!  She was very well-mannered and had some obedience training, so she was a joy to have with us.  We spent many fun times playing, walking and travelling with Misty.  My dad became really attached to her after he moved out here from Missouri to live with us.  He walked her nearly every day, and she always looked forward to those walks (except of course, if if was raining!)  Misty's full name was Cherry Creek's Play Misty for Me, and she loved to play! The first day we had her, we took her to PetSmart to get her some "stuff" - food, collar, toys....We located the toy section and looked at many kinds of toys, but she just wanted a fuzzy, squeaky hot dog.  We threw it on the floor to see if she would go after it, and she grabbed it, and squeaked it all through the store! Obviously that was her favorite toy for several years.  Misty was my third beagle, but was my favorite over the years.  We had her from September 1994 until she had to be put to sleep on November 19, 2007. She will be greatly missed for a long, long time.


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