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In Memory of Our Beloved...



Maggie was 6 weeks old when we brought her home and had just turned 13 when she died.  She gave us her unwavering love and devotion during that time.  Even as she aged she loved to play her favorite game of fetch – especially on the beach where she could chase the ball into the waves.  She was endlessly patient with our two daughters, willingly being their pillow, their horse, and occasionally their dress up partner!  We feel blessed to have had her in our lives for 13 years and we will always miss our “first child”.  March 17, 1995 – March 25, 2008.    

Dr. Palena at Mountain View Veterinary Hospital was a wonderful source of support during Maggie’s last few months.  We were so touched to receive your letter regarding her donation in Maggie’s name.  We appreciate all she did for Maggie and for the sensitivity that she, and all of the staff at her office, have shown us during our time of grief.


Amanda and Jerry O

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