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09-26-1993 to 02-15-2008

K.D. was the runt in a litter of 7 born to my daughter's springer spaniel cocoa. K.D. came to live with me at 6 weeks, even at that early age she only needed to be told once. she was very intelligent, but to train me we both went to doggie school. K.D. was a very sweet little girl dressed in a furry outfit,she talked with her eyes and her facial expressions. K.D. loved everything that moved, her little behind seemed to have a motor, she wiggled all the time, and everyone loved her. when she was younger and we walked up a hill, if she were tired she would refuse to go farther, it was either carry her or go back home. K.D. was an environmentalist even before it became popular. she used to pick up pop cans and carry them home for me to dispose of. when K.D. grew older the cans were replaced by a tennis ball or stuffed animal of her choice.
K.D. had her own room which she used for naps, at night she would sleep on the pillow next to mine and she always told me when it was time for me to go to bed. K.D. loved fresh veggies and had her own garden. there are so many wonderful memories i have of my precious little girl and i love and miss her. i have so many times in the past 14yrs and 5mo said to her "who are you really?". she didn't act like any animal i ever knew. K.D. had a multitude of illness during her later years but she was always happy. were it not for Dr. John Stevenson from Companion Animal Hospital in Aberdeen, Wa. i know i would not have had K.D. with me for all these years. Dr. John kept on top of the latest medicines and illness and i feel blessed having him and his staff in our lives. K.D.
loved "her" car. she knew if she were in it i couldn't leave without her. she was my constant companion 24/7 and would sleep in "her" car when ever i had an appt. which were always made early am. when K.D.'s pain caused by her arthritis could no longer be controlled Dr. John and his nurse Georgette came out to K.D.'s "car" and administered the shots that released my little girl from her pain, for that i will always be grateful. K.D. was and will always be my best friend.


Kathie D.



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