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we had a stray cat come here and she had a litter of kittens and Jolly adopted them if I went out and could not see her I would go out to where the kittens were and she would be sitting there watching them or if I went out and said how are the babies doing she would run arond behind the shed and sit down and watch them .


When Jolly was a puppy I brought her up to WSU and you folks fixed her back leg and at the time I was told she had no back hips before she died she could not walk but that never stopped her she would drag her self to where she wanted to go if I did not get there to help her in time and she always had her ball I burried her favorites with her but she had a lot I would like to give some of them to Chocolate because I think Jolly would approve if you want to give him a name that fits you might consider Jolly becaus it fits their personality


When I saw him in the paper I had my wife call the lady that had him my first thought was to take to Dr. Benson at Desert Veterinary Clinic and get a appointment to bring him up to you but we never got a reply you have a verry special dog there and I know he is in the best of hands he will pull through because I know he is a fighter .


The Sanders Family




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