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Don Guido Compagnolo passed peacefully on June 6, 2008 after an eventful and rewarding life. Guido was a member of the 2002 and 2004 expeditions to the Arctic Circle, serving as second-in-command on both trips. During, he conducted extensive investigations into the diversity and fashion potential for a wide variety of Arctic bear feces, swam in the Machenzie, Yukon, and Klondike Rivers, romped on the tundra, and proved to be an excellent traveling companion.

Educated at Miss Mary's Academy of Dog Obedience, Guido was not a stand-out student, and spent many hours sitting in the corner. Not completely an academic slouch, however, he became a successful author, writing the book on "stubborn."

Once seriously considered for employment with the DEA, Guido ran afoul of the law, and was arrested for alleged butt-biting. Further investigation revealed that his actions were "provoked," in defense of his then-fianc Lilly, and he was completely exonerated.

Beyond swimming with seals and body-surfing off the Oregon Coast, hiking the Colorado Rockies, and many other fine adventures, Guido was a family man. He fathered two litters of puppies and enjoyed his long marriage to Lilly. The later years of his life were spent peacefully at his northern Colorado lakeside retreat, swimming frequently, managing his property, mentoring his son, Moose, in the finer points of alpha male behavior, and hanging out with those he loved most.

Born on June 2, 1994, the son of Zeus and Angie's Princess Nell, grandson of Captain Midnight Augustus, Guido was a unique and wonderful dog- happy, gentle, fiercely loyal and loving, independent, amazingly athletic, well-liked by all who were privileged to know him. He is survived by his wife Lilly, his son Moose, his nephew Mario, his long-time business associate Edgrrr, and his human partners Mary and Dick, Stacie and David, all of whom miss him terribly.

Mary and Dick G.







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