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Gina & Peggy


My cavy friend, Peggy, died in April after a long life of 7 years. Peggy was preceded in passing by her sister, Gina, in 2004. Gina (guinea) and Peg (pig) were adopted from the Iowa City Adoption Center in 2001. They helped to foster several litters of kittens and even a few unruly adolescent felines. Gina and Peggy enjoyed timothy hay...especially the seed heads...grapes, raisins, and cucumbers. Their favorite book was of Historical Feminist writings which they pulled off the shelf and ate in increments, gaining them the nickname of "Female Feminist Pigs." Peggy, I hope that Gina was waiting at the rainbow bridge to guide you to vast fields of timothy hay and organic grapes where you are both popcorn jumping, squealing, and shimmying with delight. You are both loved and missed very much. You made me laugh every day.

The photo is of Gina (on left, sweet and elegant) and Peggy (on the right, with the perpetual bedhead or punk rock hairstyle) shortly after they were adopted.

 Rhonda F.


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