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I was so pleased and touched to learn that Queen Anne Animal Clinic had made a donation in our kitty Gershwin's name.  What a wonderful tribute.  It made us feel comforted as we are still so sad and lonely without our baby boy.
I would like to tell you about this very special cat.  He was a gift from my husband in 1994...a Maine Coon cat who was the runt of the litter.  He was a fuzzy, tiny kitten with a crazy over-sized head...  His eyes were a very odd shade of orange, which he grew out of as he morphed into the gorgeous silver and white adult that he became.  Gershwin had trouble gaining weight for the whole of his life.  His maximum weight was about 12 pounds, tiny in the world of super-sized male Maine Coons.  Every day, I would make sure that he had a can of wet food in order to sustain my never ending Put Weight on Gershwin effort.  He never did get big, but he was happy and healthy...
Gershwin was a cat that I would describe as sweet and child-like...  He had a precious face and wonderful disposition...along with an uncharacteristically loud voice.  I would always joke that Gershwin barked more that he meowed.  He was always such a love bug...gently licking your fingers, curling next to you in bed...laying across your lap on his back, allowing to to rub his tummy and even his legs and feet.
I feel so blessed to have had him in my life for 14 wonderful years.  A piece of me will always be missing now that he is gone.  I miss him so very much.

Carole F.




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