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Frasier was almost 15 years old.  He died in my arms Christmas Eve morning.  Frasier was not just a pet but a member of our large family.  His unconditional love was abundant.  He was very stubborn, had an attitude and basically managed to get his way all the time.  One of our grandsons was born the same month Frasier was born.  That year I had health problems and bonded for several months with our boy Frasier.  He loved to be rocked like a baby and in his last few weeks he loved to be swaddled in a blanket (his blanket) and rocked.  This was our evening ritual.  Frasier was an indoor cat but loved to spend time in the closed garage sitting in the seats of my husband’s ATV’s.  He tried to sneak outdoors whenever he could but did not make it too far.
Seven years ago we brought home another Persian who we named Niles.  Frasier was reluctant, at first, to share his life with Niles but they did become fast friends and competitive siblings. 
It is amazing how much we love animals.  They are independent yet so dependent on us for care and loving attention.  Everyday I see Frasier doing one of his crazy things.  We shall have these memories forever.  Again, thank you for this opportunity to talk about him and thank you for all the wonderful things you do.  We also can’t say enough about Haigh Veterinary Hospital and their wonderful Staff.

Merv and Nancy W. and Niles

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