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I’ve always said that there is only one bad thing about having a dog – the day you have to say goodbye.   One week after Coty turned 9, he was diagnosed with canine lymphoma.  It was devastating.  We tried several treatments of chemotherapy, but his body was just too weak and tired.  On May 7, 2008, three weeks after he was diagnosed, we had to put him down.  It’s been a rough time trying to adjust to life without my Coty.  I am so thankful for all the photos and memories I have of him and for all the support and love from friends and family who knew Coty and loved him too.
The first time I met Coty it was love at first sight.   He had just turned one year old and had spent the first year of his life with a work-friend of mine.  She had a young child and a demanding job and did not have the extra time, attention, and patience to give to Coty.  Deciding to adopt him was without a doubt the easiest decision of my life. 
The next 8 years with Coty were wonderful!  He was sweet and gentle, but certainly had his moods too, from stubborn and boisterous to moody and mellow.  He was the most “human” dog I’ve ever known.  He loved seeing people and bunny rabbits on our walks.  He loved watching their cute bunny butts hopping away.  He loved vacationing on Cape Cod with me and my family.  He loved American cheese and spaghetti.  He loved my parents’ Golden, Sandee.  He loved taking up my whole bed while we were sleeping.  He loved “saving the rocks” from the ponds on Cape Cod and bringing them safely to the shoreline.  He loved my friend April and loved helping her get over her fear of dogs.  He loved smelling the flowers in my mom’s gardens.  He loved laying in the snow.  He loved running around the house, playing tag with me.  He loved taking long car trips.  He loved giving me “five” and “speaking”.  And he even loved going to the vet’s office!  He was everything I could have ever asked for in a friend.  We just simply “got” each other.  We were best buddies and he brought so much to my life.
The Saturday after Coty passed away we saw a bunny hopping around our front yard.  While I often see rabbits on walks through my neighborhood, I have never seen one in my yard or on my street.  I knew when I saw that bunny that Coty was ok, wherever he was.  We buried Coty’s remains in one of my mom’s gardens, with a stone maker that reads, “Coty, Forever Friend, Love Without End”.  I think that pretty much says it all. 

Rebecca B

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