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In Memory of Our Beloved...

Cookie   1997-2008


We received a letter from WSU College of Veterinary Medicine that our vet Dr. Rebecca Rogers had made a donation in Cookie’s name. Dr. Rogers has been our vet since we move to Washington in 2003. We thank her very much for being so wonderful with Cookie and all of our dogs,  and for her kind gesture, and we also thank all the techs that knew Cookie and were so nice to her in her many visits.”

Our Cookie passed away due to lymphoma. She was treated with chemotherapy but relapsed. She really was a trooper and a fighter. She battled the disease for 6 months and we were lucky to be able to have her with us for a little longer. And although, her death was unavoidable, we were never prepared for the emptiness and the pain that it has caused on us.
I fell in love with her the moment my roommate brought her to my house in Miami, Florida. Her owner couldn’t keep her and needed a nice home to live. She was a year old and cute as can be. She was an unusual Beagle, she didn’t bark that much and didn’t get into trouble. Her only weakness was food, and as a typical Beagle that nose never stopped. She was a very sweet and very special girl. She loved to cuddle, putting her little nose in your neck with that warmth breathing; it was so comforting. I could not foresee the tons of happiness she will bring into my life.
 After I met my future husband, we decided to move to Oregon and in the way through Las Vegas; we got married with Cookie and my other 2 doggies, Ginger and Hershey, as our witnesses. It was a great trip, Cookie got to travel 3000 miles and got to know a lot of new places and smelled a whole bunch of new scents. Her new life in the NW allowed her to enjoy the outdoors a lot, and every time we went on a camping trip she loved to go exploring. John says she also loved to watch “Sci Fi” with him, but she told me she didn’t but daddy had always something to eat near him J
We would like to also thank Dr Luminita Sarbu and her team of technicians at the Veterinary Specialty Center in Lynnwood. We were so lucky to have found them to be the ones to treat Cookie with her lymphoma. Their kindness and compassion helped us to go through the treatment and later to let her rest.
Cookie will be in our hearts forever. We loved her so much and she in return gave us lots of years of happiness and unforgettable memories. We had to let her rest but her memories will keep her alive and close to us always. The bond we formed will never go away.
John & Grace

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