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Coco was an amazing dog. (Aren’t the all?) She was diagnosed with a tumor on her spine that spread into her lungs. It happened all too quickly, but after her back legs quit working, and she could no longer make it out to the yard to go to the bathroom, I knew it was time. She’s such a good girl, I knew she felt just awful about it.
I saw it in her eyes the morning we made the decision to bring her into the vet. It was like she was telling me that it was okay. It was time for her to go. She was ready and to not be sad.
We were lucky enough to have her for 11 wonderful years. I know that this time of sadness will pass and what will remain will be all the happy, funny and fun times we spent with her.
I imagine her running with wild abandonment, playing fetch to her heart’s content and being “young dog” once again.
She will be missed, but never forgotten. 

Alan Y.

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