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Tigger passed on June 12th, 2006 and was my pride and joy for 14.5 years. I rescued Tigger in front of the Sunset Beach Market, Sunset Beach Hawaii at an estimated age of 4 weeks, she appeared to be abandoned and in much need of TLC. For the next 14.5 years Tigger protected our family from 4 burglars, one neighbor girl getting beat up by her boyfriend and best of all a Rottweiler going directly for my 1.5 year old little girl "Kiani". During protecting Kiani from the Rottweiler, Tigger proceeded to loose half of her ear and one of her main K-9's on the right side of her jaw. It was a ferocious and scary battle. The rotty, got a broken leg and a very bruised ego, later the rotty was put down.


  On the nicer side, Tigger really enjoyed surfing and would want to take one to two waves with me at Chun's reef on the North Shore of Oahu and then would wait patiently on the beach until my surfing session was done. She also enjoyed riding bikes with me, yes she would run for awhile, then stop, then get up between the peddles and rest her arm's on the handle bars. We discovered this talent by accident one day after being chased by a dog through the sugar cane fields in Hawaii when she was not yet a year old. I picked her up while peddling and she slipped out of my hands and resumed the position between my peddles.

Tigger retired in the summer of 2004 and resumed her retirement at our home in Washington, where she now will rest until we can make it back to Hawaii and sprinkle her ashes at her favorite surf spot "Chun's Reef".

Dyan C.

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