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In German, Schatsie means "my treasure"
September 3rd, 2003 - December 16th, 2004

I took some flowers and soil from where she most liked to walk and placed them on her grave. I found her stuffed monkey and ball in the backyard and put those near her grave as well. I have a picture of her first bath and a picture of her last bath. I miss taking walks with her and driving with her. She loved the outdoors and hunting lizards and squirrels. She would try to give all the cats in the neighborhood kisses even though they would sometimes scratch her. I can still hear her scratching on my bedroom door, so that she could come in and say hi. She loved to go for car rides. If I left her alone in the car, when I returned she would be sitting in the drivers seat and I would say, "Schatsie, you know you can't drive, get in your own seat."  

  I am angry and sadened that she had to go through so much pain in her short life. When we took her to the vet they thought it was a yeast infection or problem with her bladder due to the smell and incontinence. She took pills to tighten her bladder and anti-biotics, which made her sick. A year later we noticed her eyes, gums, and ears were yellow. After blood tests and fluid replacement we found out that she had contracted hepatitis, which attacked her little liver. We never found out how she contracted the disease. By the time we knew what the problem was, it was too late.

The Vet prolonged her life for another 3 months. In the end her liver failed, she couldn't eat, she was throwing up blood and her brain stopped functioning properly. She sat on my lap when we drove up to the Animal Hospital to have her put to sleep. I wanted her to stay on my lap forever, so I could just hold her and protect her. She was buried in our backyard, where she loved hunting and exploring. I am relieved that she is out of her pain, but it doesn't make the pain of loosing her any easier to bear. The picture I chose was taken before she went to the Animal Hospital and before she was in pain everyday. I want to remember her being happy and in the outdoors that she loved. I lost my beautiful treasure and she will be missed dearly.


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