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Our beloved Patches of Blue Sky. She had the most beautiful coloring I have ever seen. She always had her watchful blue eye on me at all times, so comforting. I miss my little guardian angel so much. Patches was by my side for the past 14 years. She was so smart, she was almost human. When we laughed, she would bark which was her way of laughing. She would watch TV with us and rush up to the TV and bark whenever there were other animals on it, letting them know she was the boss. She was such a clown, steeling my underwear or socks parading around the house with them.

  One day Patchy and I were jogging and she saw a snake in front of us and before I knew it she had grabbed it and shook it half so fast we were both covered with snake guts. I can't wait to be with her someday on the Rainbow bridge. Play and play little diddy until we meet again.

We love you Patchy.

James and Marcia R.

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