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In Memory of Our Beloved...



In August we had to let our Harley cat go due to liver
cancer.  Vista Veterinary Clinic kindly made a
donation to WSU in her name.  I'm attaching my
favorite picture of Harley.

I met Harley at my mother's house in the early 1990s.
She belonged to my mom's neighbor, but every time I
went up on my mom's porch, Harley would run over and
leap up on the railing to be petted.  Her fur was like
bunny fur.  She was so soft and had beautiful green
eyes.  One day my mom asked if I wanted Harley and I
said yes immediately.  The neighbor agreed to let me
take her.  I named her Harley because my last name at
the time was Davidson.

I will always love you, Bunny Cat!
Lynda D.

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