College of Veterinary Medicine

In Memory of Our Beloved...

Chase Dillon


Chase-Dillon will live in our hearts forever....He is our angel.  His unconditional love made my world a safe and comfortable place. We had a wonderful ten years together and will treasure each and every moment.   His devotion was amazing, but one occasion that sticks out in my mind.  Chase, my husband and myself went on a day trip to a lake.  I decided to take Chase for a walk in the woods.  We walked for a while and i realized I could not find my way back.  The harder I tried the more lost we became.  I started to cry and felt terribly helpless.  I turned to Chase and told him, "mom is lost Chase take us back to daddy", and I gave Chase the lead.  He led us right back to the truck.  I love Him so.




Pearl L.

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