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Abby spent 17 fun years with three young men, Brian, Brett  and Dustin and all of the other pets that we made a home for  during this time which included a Rottweiler (Roxie), and 3 cats,  (Oreo, Orietta and Willow). There was always a lot of excitement  in the house and we were happy that Abby shared that time with  all of us. She loved to go for walks and also sneak out and run  free through the neighborhood when a visitor or house sitter would  accidentally leave the front door open long enough for her to sneak  out. We will always remember the day that we decided to get a  puppy and responded to an advertisement for a golden lab. We  were surprised when we found one puppy left and she did not appear  to be a "golden lab" as you can see from her photo.

  We took her home that day and she filled our lives with many fond memories. We look forward to seeing her "on the other side."  

Karen J.

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