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In Memory of Our Beloved...



My beloved Zandonia was found wandering alone in a mountain pass in Los Angeles, Ca.
My daughter Jennifer found her...only a few weeks old.  Jennifer and Kamar (they were engaged at the time) they bottle fed her and she was treated like a child...not a dog.  
   Zandonia was pink skin, with what looked like white feathers coming out of her little body.  If there are puppy Angels...she was and is an Angel. Jenn and Kamar had to move to N.Y. I was asked to "watch Zandonia" until they could get her...long story short...She became mine.  I miss her and still sing to her nightly...This is being written with tears running down my face.
      Zandonia was my best friend...we understood each other just with "that look". Zandi mastered the art of talking...and said,..."I love you Mama:  Ri Rove rou...Maaamaaaa.  (Hand to God!)
     Putting her down was the hardest thing I've EVER done in my life.  I knew it was time and her life long Dr...Dr. Lindsay Hucke...was by her side when she crossed over.  I've had my
Zandi Girl cremated, and she will be buried with me. 
I will honor her life and miss her terribly...What a blessing and joy she was.

Claudia W.

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