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We miss you, Wuzzy. You are loved forever.

Wuzzy's Song

You brought me home those years ago, me and my sister Fuzzy.

You laughed each time you saw us play and chase 'till we were buzzy.

An easy mark for quiet purr, you'd stroke my fur for hours, "Raised us up" you said you did but Fuzz' said you were ours.

  And as your life became so sad I tried my best to cheer you.
Through tears and anger, slamming doors, I kept my body near you.

So then I'd leap to climb your feet when soft abed you'd lie.
While toes I warmed I softly swore my goal to realize,

To see you happy once again, to hear your eager laughter.
"Satisfy my wish.", I said, I cared not what came after.

And then at last the darkness fell. It was like dawn was breaking.
The mist just vanished. Tears dried up, you laughed 'till sides were

And then was He, your lovely son, with him you're mighty smitten.
Though He's to me, to poke some fun, a big and hairless kitten.

In secret I admire him, in truth I truly love him.
How I wish he'd grab me now, to rub my ears and chin.

But he can't grab nor can we play not yet for many years.
Where I wait is extra nice but bargain's kept, I fear.

So you must raise him, set him out, a man of your creation, To cure the
sick, to end despair, to rescue all the nations.

And here I'll be when it's your time to rest from mortal ills.
Eternity of happiness, the promise is fulfilled.

For you and Him, that big warm guy and Sister Fuzzy, too, I long to rub
your legs again in Heaven here with you.

I love you as I have since before the World was made and as I shall


Aya T.

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