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Whompus was a red silver classic tabby Maine Coon. He was a gift from our niece Marie and her husband David. He was a beautiful cat with a wonderful disposition. His head and paws were very large. He used to sit with his front legs crossed. He was very affectionate and loved to sit in our laps or the crooks of our knees. He used to play with a laser light, he would chase the light all over the house. He purred a lot, in fact he purred to the very end. Whompus had diabetes and was insulin dependent the last three years of his life. He was a great patient, it was easy to give him his shots.  

  We are grateful to Sunset Pet Hospital and Dr Schottman for their help treating Whompus and for helping us care for him. They were all supportive and so wonderful. We are also grateful to Animal Critical Care and Emergency Services (ACCESS) for their help.

We loved Whompus so much, he is truly missed. 

The Hoover Family

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