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Oct 28, 1992 to December 20, 2006

This is our dear chum and guardian, Tobie
Who went on December 20th to his
Reward for the dedication, love, affection and companionship he
Gave unconditionally for 14 years, 2 months and 23 days.

  Though beset by health problems the past many years…
I was told recently “one would never know the health issues Tobie
Faced on a daily basis…he presented himself as being so content,
Attentive, watchful and ever-giving of himself”, “He enjoyed his life,
The love he received and he was able to show that even in his worst
Of times”.

He always found a way to get that little tail of his wagging in greeting,
Expectation of treats or food, excitement and loving…Even when doing
So caused him discomfort.

We did things on his terms…
One never knew how he was going to present…either by a
Warm, moist kiss…or a quick snap…a jump up in your lap or arms…
Or turn of the head in his ‘ignoring’ mode.
He was totally unpredictable according to his always attentive and
Caring vet, Dr Ed P., and “though the techs knew of his
Unpredictable nature, one and all wanted to take care of him.
He always had us on guard…and, in spite, we loved him dearly”.
His unconventional nature, at times, is what endeared him to us and we to him. He is dearly missed in our lives and home.
We Love you, Tobie


How quiet our house is without you dear Tobie, How deep is the feeling of loss.
We have lost our pal our .buddy...
Our ever endeared friend and "boss"..

Though gone from our eyes vision, remain Tobie ever in our heart and in our minds view, Every room were we go..up and downstairs we see/feel the presence of you.

What joy you brought to our world...
What love you upon us bestowed,
Is it any wonder dear Tobie... that we are now missing you so?

Play.. rest dearest Tobie, in gardens beyond, Where illness no longer prevails, Where each day is wondrous and fun filled, Shared with others who too heavenward sailed.

I told Dr. Ed as we stayed with you... preparing for your life journey end.
That there absolutely has to be a place.
For such as you and your likes...our ever loving and faithful friend.(s)

For the undying loyalty given...
for the Love given each, every day.
For the pleasure and heart singing moments.
For the joy.. your brought Tobie ...our way.

There has to be rewards for such unconditional ...
self giving ,true affection and love.
And that's why we know you're in heaven...
Basking in your well earned reward above.

One day we will meet again Tobie...
at the Rainbow Bridge folks talk about
But until that day.... we will hold you...
In each heart beat... that in your love shouts.

Say hi to your predecessor Brandee... who like you held a special heart place....
Play and enjoy each other.... til we join, see you both face to face....

Love your moms, Carol M. and Ellen

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