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My Pretty Princess came to us after a brief, but rough start in life. Mismanaged, neglected, and eventually abandoned, she had a tough time learning to trust and accept her new family. All but Vern. She idolized him, and with his love, guidance, and the occasional snarf, turned from 'Trouble' into our 'Tinkerbell'.
Tinkerbell was joy incarnate. Absolutely everything made her happy, and she would dance on two legs at the mearest mention of any word she recognized. And she recognized a LOT of words, did my Pretty Princess. In addition to the obvious, she knew 'snuggle', 'kiss', 'squirrel', and 'Help Mommy?'. And oh how she loved to unstuff stuffed things! What a treat to leave white fluff everywhere and fling the now unstuffed thing's remaining parts around in victory for days!
After loosing her hero, Vern, to bone cancer, she grieved hard, but eventually returned the favor he'd done her by mentoring a new pup. She was every bit the dutiful pack Auntie, and Starbreaker was absolutely lost when she left us.
My Baby Grrrl, who had never been sick a day in her life, contracted a cancer one day -- a really aggressive one. We fought hard and she had support from friends that are now, quite literally, all over the world. Unfortunately, we didn't win our battle, and I had to give my Priceless Treasure back. She crossed in the presense of her 4 favorite people. We wish her love and peace.

The McGinnis Family


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