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Tai Su

  Tai Su

Tai Su, registered as Miss Tai Su, was a sassy three-year-old when I took this picture. At that time, I gave her limited supervised access outdoors, but she could leap a six-foot fence in a single bound, and so she gradually became accustomed to a life of indoors only. Indoors, she just found new heights to practice her acrobatics, soaring to high window ledges in a single graceful leap. Tai Su was a princess from the very start and ruled the house for almost 20 years while enduring three moves – Arizona, Kent, and finally back to Vancouver to the home she first ruled.

In early 2002, an observant veterinarian noticed that Tai Su had lost a small
amount of weight, and this led us to the discovery of an early stage of chronic
rena l failure. We began at once to treat Tai Su with Pepsid and subcutaneous
fluids. Although she was 15 years old at the time, Tai Su was patient with the
treatments that increased with time, including daily subcutaneous fluids for
almost two years. She was a courageous cat with a will to live. At the end of
July, 2006, her eating slacked off and so for the next four months I syringe-fed
her five times a day, even while working full time, since she still showed an
appreciation for life and the will to persist with treatments.

Jack and Sandi M.

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