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June 1, 1992 – December 28, 2006

SUNNY WAS ALWAYS A LADY, but she must have been born with built-in springs in all four feet because she bounced into our lives, she didn’t walk – and that bounce usually was counter-clockwise straight up and down, and continued until gravity and age happened.

Her parents were prizewinning show Shelties with an English heritage, and her full name was Wynsong’s Sunrise Sonata but “Sunny” for short because it matched her personality and wonderful disposition. Although three minor imperfections kept her from being show quality, this made no difference to us, and certainly not to her. She had adopted us and she knew how deeply we loved her.

  She was always well-mannered, super intelligent, and highly social with a funny sense of humor. When we lived on top of a hill in Oregon, children often would come up after school and ask if Sunny could come out to play. And two groomers wanted to buy her! She loved everyone and her personality touched everyone she ever met.

Sunny was a go-girl; go for a ride anytime, go help mow lawns, go get fortune cookies, go get French fries, go for ice cream, and go for anything that tasted like cheese. She also had a special passion for flowers – she loved to smell them.

In 14 and years Sunny made many, many memories for us, and we will love her always and miss her forever.

Robert and Gerry W.

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