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I would like to tell a few stories about Stripe,  I helped his mother whelp him and
he was so big not only was his mother Taffy Jo distressed but his father
Taylor Dane also.  Stripe was Taylor's favorite puppy.
Stripe loved to dive into the water once he jumped into the green river and one of my daughter's friends had to jumped in after him.
Stripe was given his name by my daughter and his owner Carissa, she named him Stripe because she thought spot was overused!!!
He is a boxer and I always said once you got Striped you were hooked any and all who met him fell in love with him for his beauty and his personality.
This beautiful boxer was indeed a clown and loved to run full out into my lap without stopping.  Other things he loved to do was turn over his sister Ginger Snap Cookie's food bowl and drag out all the blankies out of their igloo, and the thing he loved to play with the most was rocks he just loved to moved the rocks around his kennel.  He was a very sweet dog, and though it gives me a lot of heartache, I believe it was fitting because Stripe was his father's favorite puppy for him to have passed away in August, His father passed away last August.
I and all who have met my Taylor Dane, Taffy Jo, Stripe, Ginger, and His brother Chewy have been very blessed by BoxeS full of Love, and memories to last a life time. 

Brenda W.


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