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Sophie "Known as Princess Sophia" OR So she thought! Some people would say she was a spoiled little girl with all of her blankets, toys, tshirt, treats, etc but we prefer to say she was well LOVED. Sophie was a 5month old Rhodesian Ridgeback weighing in at 60lbs consisting mostly of all legs and by far one of the most beautiful dogs people had ever seen (this is not a biased opinion-everyone on the street thought so and made the comment so much Sophie thought so too). Sophie lived on the Seattle Waterfront with us and was a waterfront greeter on walks and was learning to play fetch with her playmate, dad all the time; mom was the authority figure. A typical greeting by Sophie was her running up to you, big ears and huge paws flopping, only to run between your legs face first so when you looked down all you could see was her butt wagging. She was a stubborn little girl who use to literally tell us off when we told her the Word "NO." NO was not in her vocabulary but Sophie did pause and ponder with a small head turn and then proceeded to the mission at hand. She loved making her own agility courses in the house and was a huge peanut butter eater of course giving puppy kisses shortly after. Sophie loved her squeaky toys, sitting on the couch, sleeping on the bed when "she" felt the need, meeting new people, going to the dog park, baths and last but not least chasing birds all over Seattle. Sophie had numerous offers for puppy sitters and an aunt and uncle who loved to spoil her along with us. She was by far an amazing young puppy whose life was short lived. She was a puppy who wasn't here that long with us but made a lasting impact on those around her regardless how long they knew. Everyone remembered her and on May 10th, many were sad to see and hear about the loss of Sophie. We truly lost our child but will forever cherish the memories of Sophie.

Christy W. and Steve P.


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