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In Memory of Our Beloved...

Sir Buster White Sox


I got Buster for Christmas the first year we were married and he has been a part of our family ever since. He, in actuality, was our first child. Buster did everything with us and my husband even used to get him treats at the local drive-in. As we began to have children, Buster was the kindest and most gentle dog to be around. The kids could play and roll on him and he would just look at them with love in his eyes.

My husband loved to take Buster bird hunting near Pomeroy and I used to love to watch Buster flush the pheasant. He lived for hunting! Even after being run over, he still would go on the annual hunting trip to Eastern Washington for pheasant. The last couple of years were really hard on poor Buster. He lost his hearing and was run over yet again, only this time losing a hind leg. Even that disability couldn't keep him from wanting to hunt. It broke my husband's heart that he couldn't take Buster hunting anymore, but I think it broke Buster's heart more.

And now I say good-bye to the best dog in the world...My sweet Buster Boy! We will all miss you very much!

Brett and Aimee B.

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