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When my husband and I finished college and started working long days, our dog Bauer, was home all day alone with only our cat, Shadow for company.  We would come home at night and Bauer would greet us and be so incredibly wound up, so we thought maybe we should get him a canine friend.  We decided  to go to the Humane Society to just have a look!  While there we met Princess (as she was already named), she was very docile and sweet for such a big dog.  So we gathered the info the Humane Society had on her, set up an appointment to bring Bauer back to meet  her and then went home to tell Bauer the good news!  We came back to the Humane Society on Monday (we had been there on Saturday) to do the introductions and hopefully adopt the dog we had picked out.   Bauer and Princess (Sierra - we had to rename her- Princess just didn't fit) liked each other, so she came home with us that night!  
Sierra and Bauer became very good friends.  Sierra also became good friends with our cats (actually she loves them very much although- I can't say the feeling is mutual from the cats' point of view), too.   
One of the many things Sierra loved to do was to go places with us.  Anywhere we were going she wanted to go. Just say the "g word and she was ready to GO!!!   Along with Bauer, Sierra traveled all over the U.S. with us.  She had many adventures traveling on vacations to Virginia, WA DC and also to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Sierra loved to ride in the car with her head sticking out the window.  She looked so proud and happy!  She also loved to go to the dog park.  She liked to meet the other dogs but especially loved to run after her ball. She loved to run, swim and have a good time!  We had so many wonderful adventures with Sierra over the years she was with us.  Too many to list!   
All in all we found a wonderful friend for Bauer and a very loving companion for us. Thus it is  with a very heavy  and sad heart that this is written to say our Sierra has gone to be an Angel.  She had a very fast and agressive bout with liver cancer. She was taken from us way too soon. 
Sierra, we will love you and remember you forever!!!  Our very special Rooo Rooo girl Our special angel with a heart of gold...a true loyal friend through and through!!
Mommy and Daddy miss you and love you, Sierra!!!

The Arola Family

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