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In Memory of Our Beloved...



Sheba came to us via a newspaper ad after I had bought my first house back in 1998.  I was planning to wait until spring or summer that year to get a dog, but it didn’t work out that way.  I went to see her at her first home (not much of home) and immediately fell in love with her.  I brought her home the next day and we started our life together.  She was the sweetest gentlest dog you could ever ask for.  Sheba had her quirks, but then most animals do and we loved every single one of them.
When Sheba was diagnosed with cancer in September of this year our vet told us she didn’t have much time left and there wasn’t anything we could do for her.  She really wasn’t any different from the dog we had loved for almost 10 years.  The weekend after she was diagnosed we took Sheba and her sister Chloe to the ocean for the weekend.  The dogs had the best day of their life, we did too!  They ran on the beach and played in the waves.  We were suppose to be at the ocean for 3 days, but Saturday morning Sheba wasn’t doing well and we decided to pack up the car and head home so that we could be with our vets instead of ending up at the ER.  We spent the last hour of Sheba’s life with her, all of us on the floor at the vets just loving each other.  I held her while she took her last breath and kept holding her, I didn’t want to let her go.  We did let her go and now she is out running around with all her other dog friends!
We miss you Sheba and we will love you always!

Anna and Pat B.




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