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I saw you outside during the summer and outside in a 20 inch snow storm. It only took a plate of food for you to give me permission to pick you up  with that adorable little nose smudged with food. At that moment, your life and mine changed forever. You were such a happy guy. I can still see you running down the steps on your short legs. I would give anything to see you slide along the rug to wipe your butt after using your litter box. You were too cute for me to ever get angry. On February 4, 2007 you stopped eating. First thing in the morning on February 5th, with your bulky knit sweater on, we drove to the vet. With IV tubes attached you were transported to the intensive care unit. You had been suffering with inflammatory bowel disease which may have caused your liver disease and pancreatitis. You were struggling to breathe and no matter what the doctors did, your blood would not clot enough to stick a feeding tube into you. You were crying and I asked the vet to stop your pain. Lucky and my mother met you at the Rainbow Bridge on February 6th. Your family adores you and we miss you, my darling angel There are no words to describe the hole in our hearts. You were not even 5 years old.

Bobby S.

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