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I got Scruffy from the Humane Society when I was 12 years old and in a couple of months I’ll be 28. Through the twists and turns of adolescence and young adulthood, Scruffy was part of a handful of constants in my life. He was always there to play with, snuggle with and of course he was an excellent confidant. He was always perky and happy-even in the end he’d exhaust himself just to play for a few minutes. A few weeks ago we had to make a hard decision and say goodbye. I’ll never forget coming home to the adorably guilty look on his face that said “I got in the garbage again, and I’m sorry….again”. How he would jump and bark with excitement when anyone said "snausage", a word resembling sausage, or even walked past the cupboard where the treats were kept. There are hundreds of stories that could capture what a good dog he was-he will always be loved and missed. Goodbye my dear friend.


Tamara R.

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