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11-14-06 to 3-3-07
Scout entered our lives on January 12th and we had the humbling opportunity for 50 days to experience the unconditional love of an amazing little puppy. Scout was three quarter Yorkshire and one quarter Maltese. If anyone were to tell me that a 2.5lb bundle of energy could melt the hearts of humans and reduce a 53 year old man to tears, I'd take the bet and lose. This little lady kept us going from the moment we woke up each morning until the time we put her to bed. Whether it was playing with her ball, nibbling our toes, or doing battle with the towel after having a bath, Scout made it clear she enjoyed our company. She made coming home everyday a treat. First she would race to us with her little tail wagging as hard as it could and then a few little barks were emitted to let us know she wasn't too happy being left alone for the day. A few minutes later all is forgiven and she was ready to play.

When Scout was diagnosed with portal systemic shunt we did research and asked a lot of questions. It became clear that even successful surgery would not be enough. The doctor and staff at Ocean Beach Animal Hospital were very compassionate to our issue and helped us through the final process. My wife and I are very grateful for this. Scout may have been in our life for just 50 days but she was so instrumental in making us laugh. It has been an honor to spend this time with Scout and our family will always have a special place in our heart for her.

Randall, Yolanda, and Molly B.

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