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In Memory of Our Beloved...



Sassy came to me via my daughter and the Humane Society some 14 years ago.  She was so sweet and demur with beautiful blue eyes.  I thought "Little Miss" would be a great name for her. A week later - I changed her name to  Sassy. When I got Sassy,  I was working on a king size quilt for my son.  She laid on every inch of it and when she thought she wasn't getting enough attention, she would pull the 1 1/2 inch quilting pins out of the pincushion and toss them all over with a flip of her head.  At that same time, my MS was slowing me down and she seemed to sense the changes.  These past 6 months, even with her problems, she still took care of me.  My left arm would get very cold and most nights she wanted to lay on my arm to keep it warm. But, the thing I now miss the most, is her little tap on my cheek at night when my snoring would get too loud,  She was a special kitty and she is truly missed.

Joyce C.

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