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Sasha adopted us one fine sunny day.  We were having a barbeque in our yard and he sauntered in to join the party.  For the next ten years, until old age and illness stole him away, he remained as a beloved member of our family.
Sasha had an eternally sunny disposition.  It was impossible to stay in a bad mood around him, or to be upset with him for very long.  He would announce his presence with a stream of chatter and then roll on his back to have his tummy rubbed.  With big purrs, he would then rub his head on any available object, usually our ears.  He especially loved snuggling with Joel after evening soccer games and sharing bites of Dick's burgers.
We saw signs that his previous life had been difficult as well as happy.  He shied away from loud voices and ducked his head if a big human hand moved toward him too quickly.  He was unfailingly gentle with children and expected to share milk out of everyone's cereal bowl.  His favorite meal, however, was whole fresh rat.  His time without a home honed him into a fine hunter and he relished every bite of his catch.
Like any cat, he enjoyed his creature comforts, but spent as much time as possible outside.  He loved to prowl through the wet garden, then return home soaking wet, very proud and looking to be rubbed off with a towel.  During his last few years, his vision failed, but his habits remained the same.  He loved sleeping in his favorite lounge chair and making his rounds of the garden.  Even after he became quite frail, he still followed a special trail to the neighbor's pond where he would stretch out, lap water and listen to the fountain.
Its been 2 1/2 months since he passed on.  We know that someday we'll miss him less, but that day hasn't come yet.  He was just how you would want a cat to be and we were so very lucky that he chose to live with us.   

Traci G. and Joel M.


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