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For the first 15 months of Sara’s life, she was tethered to a short leash on the back of someone’s deck. Day and night, 24/7. And then she came to us. She was a bit skittish and shy but over the years our Saradog blossomed into a loving sweet dog with an outrageously wonderful and playful personality. Oh. And also a very unique “fragrance” all her own.
She had a remarkable string of adventures. Living with Shimon while he worked with the horses at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah. Accompanying Shimon while he fed  the horses up the canyons, or lounging in the creeks during the Utah summers (and hiding in the shower during the thunder storms). How she loved riding with the hay bales in the back of the pick-up truck. She was a star and such a happy dog. 
Saradog also got to live in Yosemite National Park through a snowy winter along the Merced River. Sara was a Water Dog. She loved to be in the water, no matter how cold. We remember her running into the forest towards the river one day, and two minutes later running back towards us full speed, with mule deer chasing her in hot pursuit.
Most of her life she was here with us in the Pacific Northwest. At the arboretum, in the parks, forests, and beaches, and at our side always, she was our best friend. Our home is empty and we miss her terribly. 

Shimon R.



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