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In Memory of Our Beloved...



Sammy, our beloved big-boy-kitty, passed away on September 25th. We rescued Sammy from the Humane Society in 2001, and he had provided us with 7 years of entertainment and companionship. His absence has left a hole in our family. Sammy was a rare cat and friend. He had a quiet way of making you feel loved. He never liked to be alone, and would often accompany us on our evening walks, following close at our heels. He spent countless hours by my side in the garden. His favorite place at night was on my youngest son's bed at his feet. Over the years, Sammy patiently endured the youthful adventures of our 3 sons. He was a bucking bronco for their G.I. Joes. An unwilling sled-cat for their skateboards, and went on many outings in a milk crate bungie-corded to the back of a mountain bike. Somehow, he survived it all and loved us still. A big, healthy boy for most of his life, Sammy became ill last August with liver failure of unknown cause.
We miss you big boy!

Teri M.

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