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RIP 7/28/06
She held on to the end, her mind and spirit never wavered.  Eventually her kidneys and colon failed and she could not survive.  We did not allow her to suffer hopelessly.  When she made it clear it was time to join her pals Walter and Tebu, her kind doctors allowed her gentle and loving transition. 
Through her life Sam defied the odds, far exceeded her allocated “nine lives” and impressed her doctors with her will to survive all the troubles that crossed her path.  She was diagnosed with contagious cat leukemia during her first year and not expected to live another, liver failure in 1999 which left her hospitalized for nearly a month until she recovered, thyroid cancer and kidney failure in 2004.  Sam endured with her usual tolerant attitude the “feline” version of dialysis for nearly two years.  She was the first occupant of our “cat house” in Kennewick, paced the floors, investigated every inch of floor and hiding place before the rest of the cat crew moved in.  It was her house, every other cat knew that she was in charge and deferred to her senior status and wisdom.  Sam’s intelligence was consistently amazing and benevolent, she could sense, she was simply incredible.
Samantha  began life with the Baxter and Mueggler families as a kitten found in the back seat of a winter bound auto.  There were plants growing in the seat cushions.  It wasn’t much of a home but the shelter it provided was sufficient for Sam at that time.  Kathleen Baxter brought Sam inside her home, introduced her to Walter, the blue Russian that would become her “spouse” and father to her kittens.   Tebu the crazy Siameser also lived with Kathleen and these three cats would continue together through life for many years.  Sam and Walter joined the Mueggler family soon after Sam’s kittens were weaned.  Sam enjoyed sleeping with Sarah Mueggler in her crib, and in later years so seriously took her phone calls with Sarah that she would queue up to the phone every Saturday night, at 7pm, without prompting, to remind Scott it was time to make the call.  Sam would listen intently and infrequently respond to Sarah’s talking during the calls.
With the passing of our dear friend Kathleen, Tebu came to live with Sam, Walter and Scott.  Walter eventually contracted an infection of unknown origin and passed despite the best heroic efforts of his doctor.   Tebu succumbed to old age and infirmity in her twentieth year.  Sam however held on for two more years.  During this time she was able to welcome Diane into the Mueggler family, establish a fine relationship with her, and visit frequently with Sarah.  Samantha also was able to interview, guide the adoption into our family of Clyde.  Clyde was found abandoned aside a road in Richland and desperately needed a home willing to assure his safety and feline education.  Sam became a surrogate mother to Clyde and shared the parental duties with Max, himself a recent adult addition to our cathouse crew.  Clyde has no clue how fortunate he became when Sam and Max assumed responsibility for his upbringing!

The Mueggler Family

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