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Sable came into our lives in May of 1995.  When we went to look at the litter of Shelties, Sable chose us by coming over and chewing on my shoelace.
Sable trained us well.  He would begin the day by getting us up at 5:30 to go for our daily walk and after our walk, we shared breakfast amd treats.  When we were at work, Sable also went to work, protecting his yard from the mailman, garbage truck, meter readers and the deer who liked to visit early in the morning.  He knew exactly what time we were to get home from work, and was eagerly waiting to great us.
Sable could try your patience at time.  He particularly enjoyed making the garage door go up as you were pulling out of the driveway.  He especially liked to play it with our daughter when she was leaving for school in the morning.  He also had a particular fondness for Orbit gum.  I believe he developed a liking for this gum because my son would leave some in his pants pocket.  Sable made it a point to check out our son's room every day just in case there was some Orbit gum to eat.  On one occasion my mother was dog sitting and had Orbit gum in the outside pocket of her purse.  Sable helped himself.  My mother was very impressed that he took everything out of the purse and left it lying neatly on the floor, the only tell tale sign was the leftover pieces of the gum package.
Sable was truly a member of our family, and is greatly missed by all of us.  He was a true blessing everyday that we had with him.  We will always love him.


Michael and Sharon Y.


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