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Our beautiful German shepherd, Roxie, was strong willed from the beginning.  She had to be, to survive.  We decided Roxie's birthday was Christmas Eve.  Her mother was left alone outside that Christmas in 1996, where the high temperature in Red Lodge, Mt. was -9 degrees.  Out of 11 pups, only 2 males and 1 female survived.  We were told this story as we met, fell in love with and took home our new puppy in April.  Roxie grew big and strong with a bark that demanded respect.  She loved the snow to lay on, play in and pee on.  On walks, she would bolt and break choke chains to chase other dogs, cats, deer and even moose.  At behavioral training school, the instructor (who raised German shepherds for police work) said she was untrainable.  We didn't listen, trained her hard and she missed graduating by 1 point.  At 3 years old, we learned her spine was disintegrating and would probably live one or two more years.  Immediately, we began a treatment of glucosamine, chondroitin and eventually electronic wave therapy.  Roxie continued to run and play and jump as though she felt no pain.  She faced many other physical challenges with hardly a whimper.  Everyone in town knew Roxie and throughout her life, people would stop us to and praise her beauty.  In the 9 1/2 years we were privileged to have her in our lives, she brought out in us every emotion of frustration and anger, pride and joy, tears and laughter.  Her spirit and life force was awe inspiring.  

Richard B. and Caryn W.

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