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Roscoe was a gift from God, a purebred Rottweillor who traveled all the way across the world to teach me about the purest form of love. My husband Tom adopted him from a breeder while stationed with the U.S. Army in Fulda, Germany. I didn't grow up with pets, I never even had a goldfish, yet this massive furball who peed on the carpet and kept stealing my side of the bed managed to inhabit my heart and later my soul. He was our baby and the love of our lives, a gentle giant with an overflow of love and his greatest joy was to be with us. I never knew I had so much love in my heart and there was still some to spare. I loved the way he'd curl up with my while I watched T.V., growl at me when I left for work, and gaze lovingly at me with his beautiful dark eyes. From his photo you can see what a handsome guy he was.

  In the summer of '01 we noticed a lump over Roscoe's right eye and took him to our Vet. A biopsy confirmed our worst fears, it was cancer. We weighed our options and given his age decided on a course of treatment with a drug to slow the tumor growth. Roscoe responded well to the drug, he played, ate, slept, took his walks, and didn't seem bothered at all. We knew it wasn't a cure and we were simply buying time. We promised ourselves we wouldn't let Roscoe suffer and the day would eventually come and we'd have to make the decision all pet owners dread. I asked other pet owners how you know it's time, and they all had the same answer, "they let you know".

We did everything to keep him going, blessings, prayers and an endless supply of love. But in the end Roscoe did exactly what we were told he'd do, he let us know and with heavy hearts and a river of tears we sent our wonderful guy to his rest.

He's still with us, tucked inside our hearts forever and we honor his memory with donations to our local SPCA and created "Roscoe's garden" where his ashes are buried and the sun, moon, and stars, will always shine. Roscoe gave us unconditional love, loyalty, and made us better people. Whoever coined the phrase "man's best friend" had a Roscoe in their life.

It warms my heart to share Roscoe's story. We thought we could never love another dog but 6 months after Roscoe's passing we had the opportunity to adopt an adorable Jack Russell Terrier puppy. You can never replace what you've lost, but you can form a new relationship. Our little ball of fire has filled our hearts with love again and we are truly blessed.

Ilsa VK

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