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In Memory of Our Beloved...



Rita wasn't the best dog, maybe, but she was our dog. She went just about everywhere with us for fourteen years. She was smart and had a great sense of humor and a large vocabulary. She loved animals (especially cattle, buffalo, deer and foxes), sang along to music, enjoyed swimming, and thought carrying sticks and playing with squeaky toys was about the finest thing anyone could do. Rita taught us how one might make the best of diminished expectations. Though for over half of her life, arthritis restricted her ability to run and jump, she never complained. She always tried to please and only wanted us to be happy.
She crowed in delight when we were reunited after brief absences. We miss her terribly.
There is a bevy of people to thank for providing compassionate medical care to a sometimes difficult patient: Cleveland Heights Animal Clinic and All Creatures Animal Clinic (in Lakeland Florida, particularly Andrea and Sherry at the pool and Dr. Teston, her acupuncturist), Dr.
Allbright at Circle of Life Animal Wellness Center, Kaylynn at Billings Animal Clinic, and Moore Lane Veterinary Clinic (in Billings, Montana).

Cara C. and Bernard Q.

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