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In Memory of Our Beloved...



We had Riley for 10 wonderful years. We rescued him from the animal shelter in March of 1997 when he was very little. Once he grew up he weighed 130 lbs.  He was very sweet and gentle.  Our cats and chickens were not afraid of him.  He was a constant companion to our children from the time they were 6 and 7, until they were 16 and 17.  All of their friends loved him, and were protected by him as if he was their dog, too. We used to take him camping and hiking and swimming with us.  We miss him now so very much.  Having to let him go has left a big empty place in our home and our hearts.  We were so lucky to have him.  We feel blessed that we were able give him our love for those 10 years that he was with us.

Tad, Linda, Raina and Chase T.

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