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Regina (aka Reggie, Reggie-Bones, Reggie-BoBo, Mina) was a border collie mix who lived with us from 1997, until her passing in February 2007.

She walked into the school where I work shortly after our previous two dogs had died. A colleague found her fast asleep under one of the desks during his planning period and called me in to look at her, asking, "How can I get rid of that?" Later that day, my wife and I returned to town, and found her, hanging out near the town taco wagon.

She was good natured, loving, and protective. She got along with the cats in our household, she enjoyed the other dogs we had, and she loved our children. The two great fears in her life were fireworks and the dog brush.

She was greatly loved and will be greatly missed.






Ted and Lori R.

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